We offer customized solutions of software as well as laboratory furnaces and furnace control units.
Besides offering you brand-new equipment, our array of performance products covers resource-saving modernization and upgrading of your available laboratory measuring equipment. We retain the components that function well and convert your equipment into state of the art which often is an economic option.

A few examples of the many possibilities we can offer you:

  • Furnaces with customized dimensions.
  • Gastight furnaces, vacuum furnaces.
  • Furnaces with sample holder and specimen carriage system designed for an unusual measurement objective, e.g. the time-dependent determination of electrical conductivity of thin layers at high temperatures.
  • Furnace controls individually adapted for particular requirements.
  • Single Granule Testing Instrument: Determination of the strength and stress-strain-behavior of single granules, of e.g. ceramic spray granulates.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Information version: Nov. 2017