The heating microscope is operated completely via software: from input of measurement parameters to evaluation and documentation of the measured results.

status images EMI III

A key feature of the software is the automatic image analysis: Silhouettes of a test object can be precisely analyzed - quantitatively and objectively.

The basic theory of the image analysis has first been developed at the TU Clausthal (Technical University) by R. Görke, K.-J. Leers: Keram. Z. 48 (1996) 300-305. It is embedded in the Hesse Instruments user-oriented software which accommodates the actual needs of your laboratory work sequences - from start to finish.

You can profit from some benefits of our software - namely the automatic image analysis - even if you still use your available Leitz or Leica equipment. Custom adaption to individual requirements is possible.


  • Determination of ash fusibility in accordance with DIN 51730:2007 or DIN 51730:1984 (Hesse Instruments) as well as ISO 540:2008-06, CEN/TS 15370-1:2006 and CEN/TS 15404-2006.
  • User-definable test parameters and analysis conditions and objectives; memory for methods.
  • Quantitative evaluation of test piece silhouettes based on fixed algorithms.
  • Continuous storage of measured values and images of a test run according to user-defined settings.
  • One-page short report showing all characteristic temperatures as numeric values and images as well as all test-relevant information for documentation in compliance with quality management requirements.
  • Detailed test record including graphics of the measured results.
  • Images, graphs and data are exported into the usual data formats; database administration and archiving functions.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Information version: Nov. 2017