Hesse Instruments was founded in 1992 in Osterode am Harz, right in the center of Germany and in close vicinity to the Technical University of Clausthal.

Dr. Axel Hesse, a ceramic engineer having graduated from the TU Clausthal, has set up a small consultancy. Originally, the objective was to advise companies in different application fields of materials testing, especially high temperature applications of ceramic materials, refractories and other nonmetallic materials.

In 2000, Dr. Axel Hesse started to redevelop the renowned former Leitz heating microscope. Its prototype had been designed in the nineteen fifties by Leitz who had passed this business on to Leica Microsystems in 1998. Today, only the Hesse Instruments heating microscope is manufactured as a direct successor of the outdated Leitz product.

As of 2001 the state of the art Hesse Instruments heating microscope is available on the global markets.

The current instrument is based on an optical bench. A sophisticated software including an automatic image analysis of the samples’ shadow images is part of today’s product. Three furnace types are available for different requirements on sample temperature or atmospheric control during test runs.

Besides purchasing an entire system of the Hesse Instruments heating microscope, it is possible to update existing Leitz equipment according to individual requirements. Moreover, a customized apparatus in the field of high temperature laboratory testing can be built as a customer and application oriented single solution.

Nowadays, Hesse Instruments consists of a team of well-educated and highly involved engineers and technicians. Over the years, the sales volume has continuously increased and everybody looks confidently to its future.